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People always ask me where I learned to cook. I’d like to say that my love of the kitchen was passed down from generations of other women in my family but, in all honesty, my mother will be the first to tell you that she hates cooking and everything that goes along with it. My maternal grandmother enjoyed spending time in the kitchen, dabbling with new recipes and trying out new dishes – but she had absolutely zero natural talent for anything food-related. So where did I learn to cook? Your guess is as good as mine.

Mystery aside, I love food. I love making it. I love getting messy and creating piles of dirty dishes and taste-testing homemade sauces and dressings. More than that, I love inventing new recipes and discovering new ingredients and building new vegan masterpieces. Speaking of vegan, fair warning – everything you’ll find within these pages will be plant-based. It will also be delicious.

So enjoy, friends! Whether you’re vegan, carnivorous, skilled in the kitchen or utterly talentless like my beloved female ancestors, these easy-to-create meals will satisfy your pallet and have your family and friends begging for more.


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