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Welcome, dear readers.

My name is Emily. I’m a Canadian born and raised writer currently living in Peterborough, Ontario in a teeny tiny little apartment (or “compartment”, as my Mom calls it) with my wife and fur babies. They are my whole life, but for those of you interested in the other bits, here’s a quick breakdown:

  • I’m a certified yoga instructor
  • I eat an entirely plant-based diet  
  • I have dreadlocks (on purpose)
  • I work at a magazine publishing company where my roles include writing, editing, and writing some more.
  • I enjoy hiking, camping and traveling, preferably all at the same time.
  • My ultimate personal goal is to be a nomad who lives off the land.
  • My ultimate career goal is to write about being a nomad who lives off the land.

There you have it, folks – my nutshell.

I’d love to chat more about what I can do for you, so please feel free to reach out. It’s 2017, so I check my emails obsessively like everyone else on the planet – but I check them better.

Humbly yours,


Emily Watson is a freelance writer and certified yoga and medical Qi Gong instructor. She has a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature and has been writing – creatively and otherwise – for ten years. Off the mat and away from the keyboard, Emily can be found hiking, camping and traveling with her wife and fur babies. She currently lives and works for a publishing company in Peterborough, Ontario.

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